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School Roman Day
A School Roman visit will include a presentation that is normally centered around the Roman conquest of Britain, and is combined with some Ancient Celtic background information including the culture, costume and artifacts of the Celts

Typically we arrive in costume and bring a huge selection of resources to your school - enough to fill eight tables
(Lorica Roman armour, swords and weapons, costume, everyday items etc.)

Object handling is always the most important part of the session!

Activities include writing with a wax tablet and scribe, wool spinning and each pupil can strike a Roman coin using authentically made dies - and they keep the coin they made.

We normally look at Britain before and after the Roman conquest and bring some ancient celtic artifacts along as well.

Pupils can dress up in ancient Roman chain mail armour and helmets, or in authentic tunics. They can have their face (or back of hand) painted in non toxic blue "wode"

Perhaps they may even as the leader of a ancient Celtic tribe with a cloak of many furs and a torc necklace!

They can learn about the daily life of a Roman soldier and the one person of whom he was frightened (not the enemy!)
We will talk about roman food, slaves and day to day life.

The sessions can be of any length in between 45 minutes and two hours each and we can fit as many into a day as time allows. If required, the teacher can take a class photograph with each pupil either holding an object or wearing a costume!







Roman Shield

Gladiator Helmet


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