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School Tudor Day
A School Tudor visit will include a presentation that is normally centered around the social structure of Tudor society. We explain how the rich needed the poor and vice-versa and will bring a massive collection of amazing Tudor artifacts along to your school!

Typically we arrive in costume and bring a huge array of Tudor resources including period clothes for "dressing up", armour, weapons, a full sized matchlock musket, everyday items, jewellery etc.  All the resources can be individually handled by the students.  There will be enough items to fill seven or eight tables!

Activities include wool spinning, writing with quill pens, brass rubbing, trying medieval toys and coin striking - we bring authentically made coin dies and every  pupil can strike a coin of Henry VIII which they can keep.  

All aspects of Tudor society are touched upon from the lord of the manor house to the servants. We will explain how good king Hal "cheated" his people by de-valuing the currency!

The sessions can last anywhere between 45 minutes and two hours. If required, the teacher can take a class photograph with each pupil either holding an object or wearing a costume!










Examining Tudor Artifacts

Young Tudor Squires in Training?


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