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" A huge thank you -the kids didn't stop talking about it all day and iIhave had lots of parents see me to say they talked about it all night at home too!
a fantastic start to our topic and done in a child friendly and interesting way. I learnt loads too!"

Diane Mullen
Head of Year 4
Heathfield Junior School

Whether you book a school Celltic/Roman Visit, Saxon/Viking workshop, Norman.Medieval or Tudor presentation, the Medieval Days experience will never be forgotten by the children

Did Vikings actually have horns on their helmets?
If not, why do so many people think so?
In the day, people did not call Hernry the Eigth "Henry"!  What did they call him?
Why did Romans hate wearing togas?
Is Merlin a real character from the past?
Who escaped punishment after Charles 1st was beheaded?
Did feather pens have nibs?
Why did the Saxons have tummy aches?
What is Baa Baa Black sheep really all about?
Who were half men, half animals?
Was ale the same as beer?
Where did the phrase "Hangers-on" originate?

Some answers may surprise you......

A Norman helmet can restrict vision!

A Normn helmet can restrict vision!


The massive amount of resources and artefacts that we bring along will transform your classroom or school hall!

Pupils will be able to examine, try on, play and hold museum quality items :

  • Period musical instruments

  • Armour and helmets

  • Leather and wood drinking utensils

  • Jewellery

  • Genuine antiquities over 500 years old

  • Amazing costumes

  • Flint and steel for fire lighting

  • Animal skins including a wild boar

  • Longbow and different types of arrows

  • Real vellum

And many more hand crafted items from the past.

And this is just for the medieval sessions!

Of course we will make an interesting and informative presentation covering the history period, but the most important part of the session is given over to the pupils so they have plenty of time to examine everything and try all the activiities that we will offer, including striking their own coin from the period.

Each pupils keeps the coin! (we even provide a little bag)

A competiion is normally arranged in each session with a suitable prize for the winner.

All this is included in the price.


Touching and holding artefacts
Touching and holding artefacts

"How did people wear this stuff?"

"How did people wear this stuff?"

Medieval outlaws in the making!
Medieval outlaws in the making!

There are activites to suit every pupil.

Some will be fascinated by using an old spindle whorl to spin pieces of wool in the rough into long thread, after first teasing it using carders.

Others enjoy making their own rubbing with using old hardwood and brass carvings.

Writing with a real quill pen (we use goose feathers) is not as hard as it looks, and everyone can have a go.

We organise role play for those who like to dress up - and normally no-one is too old to play with period toys!
Even the weapons can be handled on a one to one basis under supervision

  • Massive two handed longsword

  • Archers sword

  • Slingshot

  • Longbow

  • Roman bow

  • Chain mail (can be worn!)

  • Tudor period matchlock musket

  • Daggers

  • Crossbow

  • Full size Viking battle axe

  • Spears

  • Pillums

We demonstrate how all of these weapons were used in battle

Medieval resources
Handling artefacts

Nobody fogets trying on chain mail!
Nobody fogets trying on a chain mail jerkin!

Although we run the sessions, if teachers wish to get involved they are welcome.

Our sessions are busy and active - we aim for there to be so much to do nobody will have time to be bored!

Pupils are encouraged to ask as many questions as they like and to look at the past from a different perpsective.

The fascination with hisitory is the same as with any story - how do people react when they have a problem?

We help the pupils understand that people were just as intelligent in all periods of history as we are now: only they knew different things!


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